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Attractive amendments to tax law

in the perspective of Hungary The rules of Hungarian corporate taxation were the most attractive in the EU for the companies due to a number of benefits that may be used and with regard to the low tax rate unusual in the EU (9%). In accordance with the most recent Bill submitted to Parliament this would be further made more convenient by the Hungarian Government. The most recent Bill of the Hungarian Government was a surprise for the companies. The Hungarian corporate tax system does not scrimp with the benefits that may be used, in addition to the low tax rate which is by far the lowest one in the EU. Even by now there were a number of opportunities to lower the tax rate specified at a low percentage but now the scope of these possibilities will be even enlarged by a significant new element. On 19 October 2018 the Government presented its Bill (Bill No. T/2931 on the amendment linked to Union obligations of certain tax laws as well as on the amendment to provisions on the

Geo-blocking regulation

break-through and important changes in the e-commerce of the EU! May we kindly draw your attention to the fact that the Regulation (EU) 2018/302 of the European Parliament and Council coming into force on 3 December 2018 will introduce considerable changes in the respect of the online purchases within the EU. The merchants concerned must, by this deadline, harmonise their online commercial system (web stores and/or terms of sales and payment) with the Regulation prohibiting the “territorial restrictions on contents”. On the basis of the experiences gained so far in the Union a practical problem was caused by the commercial practice, in the course of which the merchants are applying restrictions against purchasers from other member states in connection with the border-cross deals in the respect of access to their goods and services (this practice is known under the name “territorial restriction on contents”). Purpose of the Regulation shall be the action against u